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Things to expect in 1.04

Hello everybody! The release of 1.04 is nearing and so is the end of the Winter Contest! I’ll be judging entries on the 27th so be wary! Anyway, switching gears back onto 1.04, things that you can expect in this nearby update are:


  • 16 shades of wool
  • Texture packs
  • New saving system
  • Titlescreen


  • Non-background glass blocks will now be solid
  • Pressing ‘Q’ on ores will now drop the item instead of placing the block
  • Alt+tab will now not crash your game
  • Stairs will now work for every kind of stairs
  • The delay in breaking nimrock and stone is now gone
  • Stairs will no longer shift to the right when spamming ‘F’ on them

That’s it for this blog post.

Until next time!