Wiki work

Hello humans and stegosauruses!

Today was a very relaxed day. I dedicated most of it to working on the wiki. Go check it out if you haven’t already, and contributions are much appreciated!

Until next time!

Crevis 1.04 Planned Additions

Hello all, and sorry for the lack of posts recently.

Here are a things (content-wise) that I know will be in the update:


  • Wool (16 colors)
  • Carpet (16 colors)
  • Wall torches
  • Tiki torches
  • Ladders
  • Thatch
  • Sandstone
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Obsidian
  • Granite
  • Ice
  • Ice bricks
  • Rope
  • Fancy wood
  • Mossy cobblestone


  • Podium
  • Iron chair
  • Stone chair
  • Log chair
  • Wool sofa
  • Wooden side table
  • Glass mirror


  • A single painting
  • Flower pots
  • Anemone flower
  • Begonia flower
  • Poppy flower
  • Rhododendron
  • Dandelion

Bug fixes:

  • Stairs shifting to the right when rapidly toggling them from upside down mode

There will also be a few engine changes:

To change the color of wool, there will be a new metadata scroller. The scroller will allow you to cycle through colors. 

To customize the appearance of your character you will be able to scroll through options in the new menu.

Usernames will be defined in the launcher.

Old save files will not be compatible with this version due to how many things are being added into the game and due to several engine changes.

This update should be ready soon within next week.

Until next time!

Crevis Build Snapshot 1.02

Hello humans and stegosauruses! I have another update to hand you all, with a plethora of new building blocks to feed and maintain your creative frenzies! And here the update is:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed old grass appearing glitch
  • Fixed bug where you would pick an item out of your inventory, exit the inventory with the item still on your cursor, and upon re-entering your inventory you would not be able to get another item


  • Added stained glass
  • Added /kit glass
  • Added an auto-save with custom save intervals & custom save file selection
  • Added upside-down stairs (Press ‘F’ on stairs to make them upside down!)
  • Added background nimrock
  • Added background dirt
  • Added doors
  • Added screenshots (F12)
  • Added chair positioning
  • Replaced the crafting table with wooden table
  • Made glass a regular block with both a background version and a solid one

Compatibility with old save files:
This version should work flawlessly with old save files. If not, please report what happens in the bug report section on the forums. Thank you.

Hope you guys enjoy this update,

Until next time!

Crevis: Build Snapshot released!

Hello humans and stegosauruses!

Today is a wonderful day, for I have released Crevis: Build Snapshot! The contest has begun and it is free for you to use! For information on prizes for winners and participants, click this link here:

Have a great day everybody, and happy building!

(P.S. If you find a bug (which you’re destined for) post it here to help me out. Seriously, it helps a ton.

Elemental’s Dev Blog

Hello all!  

 I am Elemental, a lore writer and composer for the game.  Recently I have been working on the history of the Lizmen, as well as a theme I feel compliments their characteristics.  

 The Lizmen I envision as overgrown, human-sized reptiles who operate in a very primitive but organized society.  It took many years, but tribes have formed and a job system has emerged over the years to encourage their sense of community.  Prior to this the Lizmen were very aggressive, territorial, and barbaric toward other species and each other.  The world began to shift and change, causing a vast migration of Lizmen into the shelter of the caverns.    
 They emerged slowly from their caves to venture out into the now changed world.  Upon meeting the Royalist Traiad, the Lizmen began an alliance that would help them advance as a species much faster than they anticipated.  Now, their society is expanding and being refined by example of the Traiad.

 In addition to the origins of the Lizmen, I created a rough draft of their theme.  It consists of rumbling tribal drums, overdriven guitar swells, and cello/bass for added depth.  I feel that the song captures both their tribal side and their shift toward a more civilized society.  Here is a link to the rough draft:

Lizmen Theme – rough draft

 Hopefully my next update will be soon with more lore and music.  In the meantime, enjoy and give feedback!

Races Update

Hey, I’ve been recently working on some races and started on the lizman race. Here is a snapshot:

Later, guys! (sorry for the short post, will explain in detail more tomorrow)