Combat/Dashing Tweaks & New Enemy

Hello everyone!

If you’re coming from the Crevis site – welcome! This is the new place for all of my projects and creations. Anyway, back to Nesus. First and foremost: thanks for all the support on the latest devlog! It inspires me that there are people interested in what I’m doing.

February Goals

For February, I’m aiming to release a short combat demo that will feature 3-4 enemies in various combat situations. This will be to test the feel of the combat system, and to make sure that I’m on the right path. We’re already more than a week into February, so I did not come empty-handed to today’s blog post! Here’s a little of what I’ve been working on.

Brute Walking Animation

The first image is a gif of the initial walking/running animation, and the second is a video of me fighting an unnecessarily large amount of these things! The video also shows a bunch of the little tweaks I’ve been doing to combat. To name a few: enemies now flash red and white when hit. In addition, their healthbars flash white to indicate that their health has been decreased. Hopefully this helps to provide more visual feedback to the player to make combat feel better.

On enemies’ death, they will now explode into a bunch of little pieces. I’m planning on adding blood and other particles before the combat demo, but this is where we’re at now! The video also shows me using several different attacks – the standard attack combo, the dash stab attack, and the downward dash stab attack. The standard attack is achieved by attacking normally, the dash stab by attacking and dashing at the same time, and the downward dash stab by dashing down and attacking at the same time.

While the dash stab only does 1 damage, it is effective in damaging several enemies at once. The downward dash stab does 3 damage, making it the most powerful single attack that the player has. I’ve been looking into ways to restrict the use of dashes and dash attacks, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

The Light Energy Bar

There will be a new bar next to the health bar called the light energy bar. This bar will deplete by 60% when using a dash. The dash stab will deplete it by 80%, and the downward dash stab will deplete it by 100%. The only way to replenish light energy is by dealing damage to other enemies, or to objects around the player. The amount of energy gained is something I still have to work out, but this system is to discourage players from hitting enemies, and then dashing away immediately. Instead, the player will be encouraged to take fights to gain light energy so that they can utilize the dash, and more powerful attacks. I’m considering having jumps use light energy as well, to discourage players from jumping away to safety – jumps may use 30% of the light energy.

That’s all for today! If you want to participate in the combat demo, you can do so by joining the Discord (the first couple of users to join will be given access).

Until next time!