Elemental’s Dev Blog

Hello all!  

 I am Elemental, a lore writer and composer for the game.  Recently I have been working on the history of the Lizmen, as well as a theme I feel compliments their characteristics.  

 The Lizmen I envision as overgrown, human-sized reptiles who operate in a very primitive but organized society.  It took many years, but tribes have formed and a job system has emerged over the years to encourage their sense of community.  Prior to this the Lizmen were very aggressive, territorial, and barbaric toward other species and each other.  The world began to shift and change, causing a vast migration of Lizmen into the shelter of the caverns.    
 They emerged slowly from their caves to venture out into the now changed world.  Upon meeting the Royalist Traiad, the Lizmen began an alliance that would help them advance as a species much faster than they anticipated.  Now, their society is expanding and being refined by example of the Traiad.

 In addition to the origins of the Lizmen, I created a rough draft of their theme.  It consists of rumbling tribal drums, overdriven guitar swells, and cello/bass for added depth.  I feel that the song captures both their tribal side and their shift toward a more civilized society.  Here is a link to the rough draft:

Lizmen Theme – rough draft

 Hopefully my next update will be soon with more lore and music.  In the meantime, enjoy and give feedback!