Crevis Build Snapshot 1.02

Hello humans and stegosauruses! I have another update to hand you all, with a plethora of new building blocks to feed and maintain your creative frenzies! And here the update is:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed old grass appearing glitch
  • Fixed bug where you would pick an item out of your inventory, exit the inventory with the item still on your cursor, and upon re-entering your inventory you would not be able to get another item


  • Added stained glass
  • Added /kit glass
  • Added an auto-save with custom save intervals & custom save file selection
  • Added upside-down stairs (Press ‘F’ on stairs to make them upside down!)
  • Added background nimrock
  • Added background dirt
  • Added doors
  • Added screenshots (F12)
  • Added chair positioning
  • Replaced the crafting table with wooden table
  • Made glass a regular block with both a background version and a solid one

Compatibility with old save files:
This version should work flawlessly with old save files. If not, please report what happens in the bug report section on the forums. Thank you.

Hope you guys enjoy this update,

Until next time!