New save file format in production

Hello humans and stegosauruses!

Currently I’m working on a replacement save file format for Crevis: Build Snapshot. The problem with the current save files is that even when making the slightest change to the game, old files are not compatible with the updated version, which is very discouraging to those who spend hours making something, only for that thing to be removed just to fix a bug.

I know that it’s frustrating, and it will be fixed! Here’s how the new format works:

The new format creates SEVERAL files, in fact, for the world saves. Each world save will have its own folder. When downloading a world you will need to add the world folder to the For example, if I wanted to download one of Tom’s worlds that was named ‘Tom’s New World’, I would first need to get the folder from him and drop it in the worlds directory. After that, things should be set! Just type in the world name when it prompts you for it.

Until next time!